Hi G,

It has been sooooo long. I forgot when was the last time I actually talk to You. Not about going to church. Nor about praying because I do that as often as I can. But to actually talk to You like I am chatting face to face with You.

Lately I have been a bit hard headed. I want to push what I want and not what You have laid for  me. I want to insist the things that I want so badly though it seems off Your plans. There are just things G that I seem to want over everything else and I thought nothing would be better. Or so it seems. At times I know I’m wrong but I still go on with my shallow reasoning. G, I am so sorry. Now, looking back, I miss spending time talking to you.

I miss surrendering everything to You knowing Your plans are always better than mine. I miss those carefree days because I know I need not to worry. I miss feeling closer to You. It’s different feeling Your presence and feeling distant at the same time. I wanna go back to what I used to be G.

Please help me renew my more faithful self. Make me the abiding daughter I once was. Lift up my spirit to strengthen my faith in You. Allow my plans to be in line with Yours. Heal my wounds. Make me the trusting person I no longer am. Lengthen my patience. Touch my heart. Help me believe in the natural goodness of humanity. Help me be the daughter You can be proud of.

You are my only considered Loving Father. The most generous. The most patient and understanding. I thank You for being most forgiving in the many times I failed You. For the second, third and the many chances afterwards, I could not thank you enough. G, You have never failed me. I am overwhelmed with so many blessings You keep on showering. I am grateful for the small and big miracles in the form of family, friends and strangers who serve as instruments to redirect me in the path You have prepared for me.

G, words are never enough to express my love to You but I am telling you nevertheless. I LOVE YOU G. You have been my sole protector and comforter. Thank You for being always there.

(photo credits to: pinterest.com)


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