(This post is related to my previous post “On Letting Go” . It’s almost the same issue but I would like this posted separately because this is about my take on and all about friendship. Friendship has always been very important for me. I’d often tell myself how I could not trade friendship for romantic love. I have always been the girl with bestfriends and I could not imagine a life without them… Hello there sisters from other mothers Ate Jasmin, Angel, Dondie, Elisha, Jen, Leurinyl, Nelmar and Warlyn. Cheers to our never-ending friendship. I have no doubt we’ll stay friends and crazy as ever till our hair turns grey. I love you girls so much, like to the moon and back!)

Not only on love am I hardest on letting go, it’s actually the same way with almost everything and everyone. My friends, those who have been true to me, are really difficult to let go. I hate goodbyes. So even when I know that we may still see each other someday, I still feel very sad when someone will be away for a long time. I’d feel like I will lose them forever and would miss spending time with them. Once I have a misunderstanding with someone, it’s usually left unresolved. I feel like I no longer need them in my life. I guess the easiest to let go are those people whom I find to be mistakenly involved in my life. I know there’s a reason for everything but there are some people whom I feel like I no longer want to stay attached to. Usually, they would be the one creating the fire and it happens that I am someone who hardly forgets and forgives. Right, I know I shouldn’t be like that but I hope before you would go on lecturing me on forgiveness, please know that I am trying my best to overcome this issue. But there are also times when I find some people hard to just let go that easily.

When I was in high school, I had a fight with my bestfriends. It took us a year I guess before this was resolved and we resumed our friendship. The time when we were still not talking but has been quite sometime from when the issue started, I actually sorely missed them. I missed their company, the crazy times we shared, the laughter we had with the silly jokes we throw at each other or the tears that we shed together. I missed playing games with them when we were still in elementary. I missed having small fights that gets easily resolved afterwards. I missed talking about our anime crushes. I missed planning our future together like adopting a baby and having that baby feed on powdered sea shells. I realized that we’ve been through a lot. They were the ones I was with when I had my very first and only visit to the Guidance Office. The ones I was with during our practices and Elementary graduation. We were together excitedly attending the first day of our high school adventures (or shall I say misadventures?) In short, life was never the same. It makes a difference when you have friends you can count on through thick and thin. I know deep inside they are those I can truly treasure. The people I can remain immature or do crazy stuffs and rock old age together.  I am just so glad we are friends again and that we are even closer after our fight. We are even better now because we have gained more sisters over time.

Right now, I’m happy and proud to say that we have passed the seven-year test of friendship. After our fight, we’ve attended many encampments, high school prom and high school graduation together. We were even present at each others college graduation celebration (we are still looking forward to three more) and shared many more laughter in between. We have already stalked so many crushes we can no longer count them even if you combine your fingers and toes. We have celebrity crushes we are willing to move mountains for. We have done so many crazy and sometimes shameful things that we would later laugh recalling. We were also together during Christmas and New Year Masses when time and schedule permits. Right now, we’ve witnessed each other’s heartaches and celebrated the happy ones. And although majority of us are still NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth), we are still happy as we can be.

We already have several plans for the future. Angel said we have already sent her pictures of our dream wedding gowns (although I can’t remember sending any) during high school days. I don’t think that’s coming anytime soon though. It’s down to her and ate Jasmin who are the only ones in a serious relationship right now. As to the remaining members, I’d like to think we are in a one-sided relationship with our bigger-than-life and out of this world crushes. Someday though.. Just someday. Well, on the more serious plan, we are hoping to open a café but as for the budget, that’s what we are still working on. We are hoping to send Warlyn abroad to earn the money we’ll use to put up the business (lol) but she won’t consider the idea. We are also hoping or maybe dreaming to travel together. Hopefully these plans will turn into a reality. Dreams do come true,as they say.

Whatever happens though, I know I am never going to let these amazing people go. I have found not only bestfriends for life but sisters as well in them. We might go through some tough times together but I know we’ll make it. We may only live once but having bestfriends you’ve grown up with and know you can grow old with as well is definitely worth it.

(photo credits to: Elisha Jane Bernabe)


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