Don’t Fall In Love With Me


Don’t fall in love with me

I am broke in many places, broken by someone many times without him knowing

I am a constant reminder that one can break so badly

Until there’s only a little breakable part that’s left.


My heart is clouded with distrust, more often suspicious than not

Hardened by pain, I only show what I want you to see

Face still kissed with the remainder of yesterday’s tears,

I vowed not to shed a tear again.


I made it impossible to understand me

I have endless demands, I have constant complains

Yet never grateful nor appreciative

Don’t tell me you can put up with that, there’s no way you can nor will.


I am a free woman

No, you cannot tame me

I have been strengthened by the long years of not needing,

Not needing someone to care nor to mind that nobody did.


I cannot allow you to come and confuse me

Stop… don’t start something I know you wouldn’t see to its end

You are a cliché ,

You’d come, linger then walk away.


You cannot fool me in believing that honeyed tongue

Do not expect me to fall for those traps you set

You say what you think I would like to hear

But no, you don’t know me yet.


I am not like the ones before me nor the ones before her

I will not easily fall, I wouldn’t let myself fall

I will not allow myself the luxury of temporary pleasure

In exchange for a thousand unspeakable heartaches.


How then, when knowing  you are filled with lies and hollow promises,

You are still effortlessly corrupting a part of me that’s falling prey to your schemes?

Viciously devouring that vulnerable, wanting part of my heart

Awaking that hopeless romantic, naive version of me.


Don’t make me hope, don’t make me fall

Don’t whisper sweet words you cannot do, I might just give in

Don’t let me let you break what he hasn’t broken yet

Don’t make me fall in love with you.




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