Your laughter is summer to my ears
Full of life and radiant as the bright sky on a sunny day
Yours is the sound of a glorious morning
With flock of birds chirping high above the trees.

Your eyes are the homey feeling brought about by rainy days
When I snuggle in my room and listen to the raindrops outside
Or the pancakes and chocolate drinks on a foggy morning
Inside a cabin in the woods.

You are my summer and rainy days
And guess my four seasons too.
Had I experienced spring, autumn and winter
You’d be my yearlong companion still.

You’d be the crackling fire in the hearth
On a freezing winter season
The cloak, the gloves, the coats and boots
You are the comfort I need on trying times.

You’d be the freshest air I inhale
While strolling on a grassy field on spring
The warmth I have longed for during winter.
You’re a spring baby, you symbolize hope and new beginnings.

You’d be the golden leaves that’ll fall on the book I’m reading
During one lazy afternoon on a dreamy autumn
You’d be the bursting colors that’ll surround me
You are this world’s final showcase of beauty before winter comes.

And if I have to choose, I’d like you to stay autumn
Because autumn would have been my favorite season
Guess already my favorite even before I experience it
Autumn is the season’s version of saving the best for last.

You are in every varying degrees of sun’s hotness
In the different shapes of moon as it graces the night sky
You are my ever changing season
The different shades and colors the Earth provide.

You are my every moment
You are my everyday
You are my 365 days and a quarter
My 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds to be precise.


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